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When I leave Brazil can I dispose of items that were on the initial list of imported to Brazil?2020-05-21T13:32:33-07:00

If you are a foreigner on a temporary visa (and term of responsibility), you can, however, the items that are left behind will be taxed on import taxes (we always say, everything that enters must leave) … but you must leave to avoid paying taxes. Each case needs to be analyzed individually; Metropolitan’s mobility team will guide you throughout the entire process.

 What items are prohibited from importing and exporting to or from Brazil? Firearm type, flammable products?2020-05-21T10:52:13-07:00

There are several prohibited goods, Metropolitan’s mobility team will inform you accordingly.

Within the door-to-door international moving process, what is the advantage of choosing for air transportation?2020-05-21T10:50:14-07:00

The main advantage is time, since the door-to-door air process, which consists of the date of packaging at the residence in Brazil until the date of delivery of the goods at the destination, takes an average of half the time of a maritime process.

I live in a big house in Brazil and I will live in a small apartment in my destination country. I need to sell the house, but I do not want to get rid of the items that I won’t be able to take in my international moving process, is there any options in my case?2020-05-21T10:48:44-07:00

Yes, in addition to the international transport service, the Metropolitan Group has within its service chain the option of Furniture Storage.

Following all international rules and safety quality standards, we can store these items for you, as long as necessary.

I have very fragile items, such as mirrors, artworks and very thin marble or crystal tops. If I want to include these fragile assets in my international moving process, is it possible?2020-05-21T10:46:56-07:00

Yes, Metropolitan specializes in the transport of fragile items and pieces of art. For these types of goods we have artisans and joiners who will make special wooden boxes made to measure for each fragile piece (minimizing the risk of damage of your personal items as much as possible).

What are the deadlines for the arrival of my shipment to Brazil?2020-05-21T10:45:34-07:00

Unaccompanied baggage must, as a rule, arrive in the country as cargo (air or sea), within the three months preceding or up to the six months after the arrival of the owner.

How many TVs can I include in my shipment?2020-05-21T10:44:54-07:00

They are goods belonging to the traveler but, due to normative force, are not part of the baggage concept:

  • Goods above the quantitative limit (example 5 televisions for a family with 2 members). Each case is different therefore please contact a Metropolitan Specialist for further information.
Can I take to Brazil my tax-free professional equipment in my shipment?2020-05-21T10:43:25-07:00

he Brazilian legislation governing baggage in Brazil is very clear regarding the concept of unaccompanied baggage. The legislation says that:

The traveler moving to Brazil, whether a foreigner, or a Brazilian who has resided abroad for more than 1 (one) year, may enter the national territory, tax exempt, on the following goods, new or used:

* Furniture and other household goods; and

* Tools, machines, devices and instruments necessary for the exercise of their profession, art or craft, individually considered, subject to prior proof of the activity developed by the traveler.

Therefore, adjusting the documentation and deadlines, the answer is yes. For detailed information please contact a Metropolitan Specialist.

What is the limit for sending alcoholic beverages to Brazil?2020-05-21T10:42:25-07:00

12 liters is the maximum

How long does it take to move to Brazil?2020-05-21T10:41:51-07:00

We estimate that a complete shipment process takes about 60 days. However, this estimate varies according to the chosen shipment type and destination.

Can I send some paintings or pieces of art that belonged to my family to my residence abroad?2020-05-21T10:41:13-07:00

YES, Pictures and pieces of art can leave Brazil with the concept of personal and domestic luggage. A specific registration and catalog process with IPHAN(National Historical and Artistic Heritage Institute – Ministry of Culture), will be done through Metropolitan.

What are the necessary documents to release my shipment at my destination?2020-05-21T10:40:23-07:00

Each country has different requirements and necessary documents. Metropolitan’s mobility team will do an orientation session and provide you a step by step of the whole process.

Do you also assist with customs clearance?2020-05-21T10:38:35-07:00

Yes. Metropolitan has a team of customs brokers who take care of the entire customs clearance process both in the country of origin and destination. If you have any questions regarding customs clearance please contact Metropolitan’s  Specialist.

Are port charges included in the budget?2020-05-21T10:37:54-07:00

In the case of the export process: Port taxes of origin are included in our proposal. The destination rates are not, however we always mention “estimated values”, so that there is no SURPRISE, in moving process.

In cases of import to Brazil the taxes are not included. An estimate will be provided in our budget, we will also be present the official receipts at the end of the process. For further information please contact Metropolitan’s Specialist for assistance and orientation.

Is insurance mandatory?2020-05-21T10:36:21-07:00

Insurance is not mandatory, and you can use an insurance company of your choice. However, we recommend the use of our insurance, as we have it as a feature “against all risks”, consult Metropolitan about extra coverages such as ” pairs and sets”, electronic malfunction” and ” mold and mildew “. For further clarification please contact Metropolitan’s Specialist for assistance and orientation.

Do you bring packing material with you?2020-05-21T10:35:27-07:00

Yes, Metropolitan has 50 years of experience and a vast knowledge in terms of packaging. Over the years we have developed packaging materials for each type of product (in order to achieve excellence in packaging). An inspection is required so we take the adequate packing material for each move. For further clarification regarding the most appropriate material for your move please contact Metropolitan’s Specialist.

How is cost of my shipment calculated, by weight?2020-05-21T10:34:48-07:00

In reality there is no value defined by weight or cubage, we always recommend a technical inspection to check volume and details for budget composition. Metropolitan’s survey can be in person or virtually. For further information regarding quotes please contact Metropolitan’s Specialist for assistance and orientation.

I want to export my car / motorcycle with my move. Is that possible?2020-05-21T10:33:30-07:00

Yes, it is possible to export, as long as the country of destination accepts the import of the vehicle with your luggage. This requires a prior analysis, that Metropolitan can provide you. For further information please contact Metropolitan’s Specialist for assistance and orientation.

I want to take my car or motorcycle with my shipment to Brazil. Is that possible?2020-05-21T10:29:01-07:00

Items with engine or combustion; items considered as means of transport; boats, kayaks, electric scooters, car trailers, auto parts and any other item that does not fit within the baggage concept should not be shipped.

Note: Only FOREIGN DIPLOMATS can import vehicles to Brazil

Can I import new items into Brazil with my shipment?2020-05-21T10:27:46-07:00

YES, there is no problem in bringing new items in the original boxes, but there is a need to prepare a specific list of the new items as well as to report them separately. You will also need the invoices and / or vouchers, as these documents will be essential for the release of the goods at customs upon arrival. For further information please contact Metropolitan’s Specialist for assistance and orientation.

Can I bring my pet to Brazil?2020-05-21T10:21:18-07:00

Yes, of course, after all your pet is part of the family! Metropolitan will assist you with the entire documentation process, providing total tranquility and convenience for you and your pet.

Can I take my pet abroad?2020-05-21T10:20:11-07:00

Yes of course! Metropolitan has a qualified team to assist you with the all documentation, information and shipping process, always informing about the specific characteristics and requirements of the destination country. For further information regarding a specific destination, please contact Metropolitan’s Specialist.

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Thank you very much Elaine! I can’t get enough of saying that your service is a 1000 note !!!

M., F. M. C.

We are impressed with your work, I followed the departure and arrival of my belongings, everything was impeccable and without any damage. Your team and service providers here in Sweden and Brazil are to be congratulated.


The service was really high in quality from the beginning. Even with the local staff, who carried out the packaging in the United States. The unloading staff here in São Paulo also served me very well. All items arrived accordingly and without any damage. Everything was very well handled by the Metropolitan’s team!

R. B.

Yes, the shipment arrived and very well. Your service is excellent, and I really liked your partners too. They arrived with promptness and cordiality. All boxes packed by Metropolitan, arrived in perfect condition and there was no damage. Thank you very much for your help and attention.

D. M.

The shipment was delivered today as scheduled and your partner’s staff did a great job too. We opened and checked 100% of the boxes and they left only 5 of them because I asked them. Everything was perfect and very well packed.

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