Metropolitan Transports has you covered – literally!

The moving insurance is your guarantee because, even with all our experience in relocation, with a highly qualified and trained team, you still need to be covered for those unforeseen events. We therefore offer additional insurance of your goods in case an item is damaged, and a promise that all claims will resolved quickly.

It’s important that when you complete the inventory list you provide full information about all the items you intend to move with you. This should include all personal and household items, complete with quantities and values since this is used to calculate the insurance premium.

Metropolitan Transport Insurance

Notes on Insurance

  1. Items not informed or valued, will not have insurance coverage.
  2. The insurance coverage is limited to the amount declared in the list by the client.
  1. Items previously packed by the customer or third parties
  2. Factory items or packaging
  3. We do not pack and transport jewelry, watches, valuables, documents, money and firearms. These must be transported by the customer and not covered by insurance
  4. Items where the faults were found and listed by our team in the change inventory.

Read Carefully

Items of the same name must be declared if of different values, separately, for example: 2 TVs, one 40 ?and another 14? DECLARE IN separately, if you declare, 2 TVS R $ 2,000.00 the insurance will understand that each TV is worth R $ 1,000.00, in the case of a 14 ?TV the value is above the market, in this case you will not receive R $ 1,000.00 for it, but the current market value, about R $ 350.00. (pro rata system).
Tableware with higher added value (porcelain sets, crystals …). We suggest that they are also declared separately, remembering that the coverage is individual per piece, there is no coverage for the set, that is, if you break a crystal glass you will receive compensation for 1 glass.

Clothes, in case of damage also enters the pro rata process, for example if you declared R $ 20,000.00 in 100 pieces the insurance considers to be 200.00 per piece, in this case, if you have larger pieces in your wardrobe added value, as exclusive or designer pieces, they must be declared separately.

Appliances and electronics are only covered for damage proven to be caused by the change (vehicle shake, falls, crashes)

If you have any questions about filling out the insurance, please contact Ms. Elaine Fiorato by calling (11) – 3652-0066 – extension 2751

Deadline to Claim Insurance

In case of damage, it is the customer’s obligation to inform Metropolitan in writing via email , within 72 working hours after the effective receipt of your change.